Friday, December 1, 2017

HAPPY TOGETHER: 2017 USAO Show on view through December 2

Happy Together

"Not About What the Mirror Sees"
Alex Ebrahami

"Afro-Liberty Leading Her People,
Touissant Reaching Freedom, Raft of the Slaves"
Eleisha McCorkle

Christine Choe

Gabriel Rosen

"Postcards From Cyprus"
Gabriel Rosen

"practice will make perfect"
Elizabeth Choh

"Strawberry Pheromone"
Gabriel Rosen

"Sweetheart <3 p="">
Naomi Piperno

"so far so close"
Monica Albornoz

"Black Angel"
Brina Jeffries

"'Hold me down. hold me down. Throw me in the deep end, watch me drown"
Eleisha McCorkle

Alex Ebrahami

"Snail Rat Warriors"
Annie LeFevre

Byron Kim

Sabrina Mellado

Daniel Mock

Tonisha Hope McCorkle

"Don't Let My Mother See This"
Isabella Wang

Leah Balagopal

Fiona Tam

"Still Life Arrangement"
Tonisha Hope McCorkle

"nước chảy về nguồn/ water flows [back] to its root"
Hue Bui

"no absolutes"
Emily Castronuovo

Liz Shi

"Everything I Own Ironically"
Tina Zhou

Wei Song

Tonisha Hope McCorkle

"Experiment in Darkroom"
Kevin Huang

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