Monday, March 23, 2009

<> organized by Peter Clough and Nicklaus Typaldos 2/3-2/14/2009

< >
A group show of NYU BFAs, MFAs, alumni and faculty organized
by Peter Cough, MFA and Nickolaus Typaldos, MFA.
(Documentation by Hiroshi Sunairi and Julia Hipp)

This show investigates the intersection between abstraction and the human body. Featuring video, sculpture, installation, text and collage, the selection of works interrogates the rifts and junctures between language, bodies, and aesthetic forms.

artists include:
Carol Bove, Faculty/BS
Ernesto Burgos, MFA
Emily Coxe, BFA
Sonja Engelhardt, MFA
Jonah Groeneboer, MFA
Jon Huron, BFA
Alex Jovanovich, MFA
Nicole Kuprienko, BFA
Daniella Libertad, MFA
David Matorin, MFA
Jeremy Olson, MFA
Deniz Ozuygur, BFA
Adam Putnam, Faculty
Max Razdow, MFA/Faculty
John Torreano, Faculty

1. Max Razdow, MFA Alum
Untitled, 2009
Milk crate, florescent light, framed pen and ink drawings, printed text on paper
Dimensions variable

2. Daniela Libertad, MFA
Also on wiew, "Gracias! First Year MFA Show"
Caja, 2008
Video projection, 15 minutes
Dimensions variable

3. David Matorin, MFA Alum
The Power of the Immovable Object (II), 2009
HD video projection, continuous loop
Dimensions variable

4. Sonja Engelhardt, MFA
Blind Spot, 2007
Ink on paper
70 x 22 inches

5. Nicole Kuprienko, BFA
remember things didn't always used to be this way, 2008
Video, 4 minutes
Dimensions variable

6. Deniz Ozuygur, BFA
Also on view at "ATTACHED" and "Senior Honors Studio Exhibition fall 2008"
Polly, 2008
Rubber, metal, glass, dirt
10 x 10 x 16 inches

(Partial documentation)
7. Alex Jovanovich, MFA
Epic, 2008
35 mm slideshow
Dimensions variable

8. Jon Huron, BFA
Also on view, "Senior Honors Studio Exibition Fall 2008"
Untitled, 2008
Plexiglas, clamp, spit
13 x 21 x 53 inches

9. Adam Putnam, Faculty
"Untitled" (armlegger), 2009
Video, 8 seconds
Dimensions variable

10. Ernesto Burgos, MFA Alum
Untitled, 2008
Mixed media on paper
12 x 14 inches

11. Carol Bove, Faculty
Paper collage in artist's frame
11 x 12 x 1 inches

12. Jonah Groeneboer, BFA Alum/Staff/Faculty
prism, light, mirror, 2009
White and mirrored plexiglas, prisms, light
12 x 12 x 12 inches

13. Emily Coxe, BFA Alum
untitled folder, 2009
Video transferred to DVD, 6 minutes
Dimensions variable

14. Jeremy Olson, MFA
Also on view at "New York" at Rosenberg (2008) and "Two Way Miracle 2009" in Berlin
Song for Invertebrates, 2009
Mixed media
26 x 26 x 26 inches

15. John Torreano, Faculty
Ghost Gems, 1989
1/2" plywood with sanded white water base paint
Dimensions variable