Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Switch hook and tone dialer

A BFA Thesis Exhibition
On view 3/23-3/31
Featuring: Tyler Considine, Elizabeth Eisenstein, Emily Fitzpatrick, Liz Janoff, Rachel Maynes, Olivia Murphy, Cary Potter, Andrew Raines, Libby Rothfeld, and James Schwartz

Tyler Considine, Foe, MDF, birch, polyurethane and two headphones with 8 nuns 40 seconds audio

Tyler Considine, Witness Stand, MDF and birch veneer; Decoy. Extension cord; Kindle, Firewood; DC, Coiled extension cord; Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics, Playing card; °Maybe its Maybelline, Plaster cast Macbook charger; :Foil, Fire extinguisher; Boomerang, Slingshot; Peiipeteiae, Rope; Esquire, Lamp, The Conversation Glass

Cary Potter, The Farm (1 of 3), Graphite on paper

Jimmy Schwartz, Batter Storage, plaster, batteries

Jimmy Schwartz, F117

Olivia Murphy, Untitled, poplin and thread

Rachel Maynes, Waldenbura II, oil on canvas

Liz Janoff, Untitled, wood, contact paper, ceiling tile

Rachel Maynes, Waldenbura I, Graphite on Paper

Liz Janoff, Untitled, digital print

Tyler Considine, Reconnaissance (I Find the Print of a Naked Man's Foot), pedestal, Plexiglass vitrine, nut and bolt, DVD player, LCD monitor and 3mins 44 second video

Andrew Raines, Untitled
Video Installation

Libby Rothfeld, Untitled

Jimmy Schwartz, Buick LeSabre

Libby Rothfeld, Untitled

Libby Rothfeld, Three Tones

Cary Potter, The Farm (2 of 3), Graphite on paper

Cary Potter, A House, a hole, a hat, a home

Olivia Murphy, Untitled, poplin and thread

in and thread
Emily Fitzpatrick, Buffalo, Oil on linen

Lizzy Eisenstein, Untitled, silver gelatin prints

Libby Rothfeld, Giants

Emily Fitzpatrick, Avyhe, Charcoal on linen, brass tacks

Lizzy Eisenstein, Assorted Ceramics

Liz Janoff, Cutout, wood and paper

Cary Potter, The Farm (3 of 3), Graphite on paper

Lizzy Eisenstein, Untitled