Thursday, April 1, 2010

"MOTHER" 3/03-3/20

Curated by Alex Jovanovich, Allan Bailey, Daniela Libertad and Allison Somers

Marisa Mandler,

Untitled; 2010

gold thread and gold pins; dimensions variable

David J. Merritt

‘Object (tell my mother I love her); 2008-2010

digital photograph, found matte and frame, mdf, wood, paint; 32 x 22 x 14 inches

Alexandra McQuilkin

‘Mammi and Catherine Deneuve’; 2010

graphite on paper; 22 x 30 inches; courtesy of Marvelli Gallery (212) 627-3363

Jason Martin

‘Greyhoundmoonmom’; 2010

single channel video installation, looped

David Robbins

‘Lift’; 2007

video; 29 minutes

David J. Merritt

‘Remake’; 2010

crochet blanket made by artist’s mother Karen Merritt; dimensions unknown

Charlemagne Palestine

‘Sarah’; 2010

framed photograph, shelves, halvah; dimensions variable

Jessica Gispert & Andy Slemenda

‘Bata’; 2010

wall painting, acrylic; dimensions variable

Keil Borrman

‘M2 why you wanna fuck me so bad’; 2009-2010

materials variable; dimensions variable

Patrick Walsh

‘Season one’; 2009

cast wax; dimensions variable

David Rimanelli

‘Portrait of Melanie Klein’; 2010

pencil on paper; 8 x 10 inches

Nancy Barton

‘Good Breast/Bad Breast, for Melanie Klein’; 2010

two C prints, 20 x 24 inches each

Marthe Ramm Fortun

‘Rehearsal’; 2010

Featuring, amongst other footage, the film "Spinning At My Mothers House" by Vanessa Albury

Jennie Bringaker

‘I gave you everything’; 2010

living sculpture, dimensions variable

Tania Torres-Sanchez

‘Blanket to cover my entire family (in progress)’; 2010

yarn; dimensions variable

Michelle Grabner & Brad Killam

‘Peter Ribic, Age 7, $100, Toys R Us, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June 1996’; reprinted 2010

digital photograph; 16 x 20 inches

Gabriel Fowler

‘Mom smashes guitar’; 2002

video; 3 minutes 15 seconds

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