Tuesday, April 9, 2013

“Comfort Sutra” On view through 4/7

We made work with the viewer in mind. Enjoy.

- Romina, Kei, Brian, Dylan, David

“Comfort Sutra”
On view through 4/7
Opening Reception (5-7pm) Wednesday 4/3
Brian Broderick
Romina Gonzales
David Kwon
Kei Ota
Dylan Reitz

1.         Kei Ota
oil on panel

2.         Brian Broderick
            Denkbild 1
            faux wood panels, Mom + Dad’s bedroom rug, rope and three nails, telephone
lineman tools, Moby Dick, T-Rex, pipe heirloom, Grandpa’s thoughtful gift

3.         David Kwon
            Balls in Stalls
ceramic, wood, aluminum

4.         Dylan Reitz
            A Modern Family Portrait
            oil on panel

5.         Dylan Reitz
            Wood of High Falls
            wood, wire

6.         Brian Broderick
            383 Lafayette wall brackets

7.         Kei Ota
            No One Sees the Eye
            oil on gesso board

8.         Kei Ota
            Elevated Site
installation with stage curtain, oil on gesso board

9.         Dylan Reitz
            oil on canvas

10.       Brian Broderick
            Denkbild 3
faux wood panel, nightlights, rope, Trout Series #3, Sailing magazine page, matches,
small glass, rusted lock, soap dish, used toothbrush holder

11.       Dylan Reitz
            oil on linen

12.       Brian Broderick
            Denkbild 2
            faux wood panel, fluorescent light and ballast and wiring, electrical tape,
            typewriter/computer drawings, white cup, char(coal), white wall organizer



13.       Romina Gonzales
Bubble wrap floor


Dylan Reita
Found objects

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